About me

Hello! I am Muhammed Nur Talha Kilic, a second-year AI/ML Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Northwestern University. I have been conducting research on materials informatics oriented deep generative models advised by Alok Choudhary, Ankit Agrawal, and Wei-Keng Liao, and I am also a member of the research group, the Center for Ultra-Scale Computing and Information Security(CUCIS).

Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, I spent two years working in the petroleum industry and nearly two years in the satellite industry as an R&D Engineer and Embedded Software Engineer. During this time, I honed my skills in microcontroller, circuit, and PCB design, as well as embedded coding and optimization, which have been invaluable in my academic pursuits.

I completed his Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, where I conducted research on “Classification of Chest X-Rays using Divergence-Based Convolutional Neural Network” as part of the master thesis.

Currently, My focus is to bridge the gap between AI and materials science by proposing AI-based models to accelerate the creation of new microstructures while minimizing time and cost and prediction algorithms that foresees faults by means of cameras and sensors.

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